Praxis für Gesundheitsmedizin

Wichtige Information / Important information

Es geht weiter ... NEUERÖFFNUNG!

Ich freue mich Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass die Praxis voraussichtlich Mitte Oktober wieder eröffnet wird. Die Praxis bleibt im ehemaligen Gästehaus, welches an einen neuen Besitzer verkauft wurde. Über weitere Entwicklungen halte ich Sie hier auf dem Laufenden...

Vielen Dank für Ihre Geduld und Interesse. Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich für Terminabsprachen per Mail. Ich freue mich auf Sie!

Herzlichst, Carina Summa


Continuation .... RE-OPENING !

I am pleased to announce that the practice will be reopenend probably by mid- October. It is still situaded in the former guest house which has been sold and is now managed by a new owner. More information will be avaible on the website shortly .

Thank you for your patience and interest. Please contact me by email to schedule an appointment. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Best regards, Carina Summa


Welcome to the Private Practice for Alternative Health Therapy

We are located in the beautiful tri-border region of Germany,  Luxembourg and France.


You - as a human being - are in our main focus. Your health is on our heart. Each patient is treated with love and devotion here.
You are unique – therefore we dress up an individual therapy for you. We want to let you see, how much fun it is, to live healthy. Then you will be able to enjoy your life again.


Recognizing weaknesses – Strengthening health – Avoiding sickness
Sicknesses like burnout, immune deficiencies, allergies, cancer, diverse illnesses of the intestines, diseases of our civilization such as Diabetes, Gout, overweight, or chronic fatigue have causes that we can treat focusing on holistic health care. On the basis of our knowledge and practical experience we find effective answers.


An intact immune-system, a well balanced nutrition and a healthy way of life are of enormous importance if you want to remain vital. Let us find the most effective keys together! Our work will be durable and sustainable, especially when you take your own responsibility for your health and supply your body with what it really needs.

We will encourage you to develop an awareness for health.

Whether you allow yourself to a cure or if you prefer regular treatment : we take our time and invest into you. 

Retrieve your life’s quality – make a new start with full power into life! Healthy and with a new vision!

Carina Summa
certified Natural Health Practitioners